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ZOË PHREO Jeweller, goldsmith, artist. Assc. Fine Art W.A. 1978

Zoë Phreo recently moved from Western Australia where she has worked and lived in Fremantle, Margaret River Denmark and Broome as a practicing creative jeweller . Settled now in Mullumbimby, she works from her studio at home. With maturity and richness of experience, Zoë explores the ongoing wonder and mystery of the mundane and the numinous. Her deep connection to nature is reflected in her organic and intuitive play with metal and metaphor. Teasing, provoking and urging the boundaries of materials and techniques, Zoë encourages them to shift, merge, stretch; to become objects of beauty.

A loving mindful irreverence becomes the invisible guide for the alchemy that happens.
An emotion is evoked that touches deeper than the sum of its parts.

mt wolumbin

Using skilful means, respect and deep honour for the intrinsic intangible power of gold, silver, precious metals, precious stones and other bits of the ordinary…bones, shell or pearl….objects of the extraordinary can be created.

There is a natural allowing of what it is that wants to be expressed rather than rigid control…letting the human hand be visible…the marks and scars of tools and torch leave their trail, all leading to an evocative feeling of what is real in life.

Zoë continues to be passionate and lets her work reveal the beauty that surrounds us in nature, and that is responded to in our own nature.

Her studio is perched on the tropic rim of an ancient caldera, in the Byron Bay area. Here the sounds of hammer sing out along with the red flash of parrot wings and the over head call of Whistling hawks.

zoe phreo